501c3 Requires Further Filings

My 501c ‘EZ’ application through LegalZoom apparently needs another submission of some kind. Fortunately I have yet to accept or receive a donation for it, nor would I have until I got the confirmation I expected. I’ll have to update my bio until I know for sure. Not so EZ.


  • Jessica Mulein

    Jessica Mulein's dedication to technology began at the tender age of 12, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. In 1995, she co-founded Silicon Connections, an Internet Service Provider that remains active under the leadership of her co-founder. Jessica's career path led her to Microsoft, marking a notable chapter in her professional journey. Parallel to this, her unwavering commitment to Open Source inspired the establishment of Digital Defiance in 2022, which was incorporated in 2023. Even in its early stages, Digital Defiance is actively exploring promising opportunities, such as corporate matching and giving programs. Today, alongside her role at Microsoft, Jessica provides strategic direction as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Digital Defiance.

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