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Guild as a Service

When you have someone on your team with DDM or DDGM behind their name, you have all of the Digital Defiance Guild behind you. We all help each other on any project- with a focus on open source. You know you are getting a person who has a vocal interest in the open source community …

DreamHost Email Migration

Don’t forget to complete your DreamHost email migration- the M365 accounts are expiring in a couple months.Digital-Defiance/ at main · Digital-Defiance/Digital-Defiance (

Auth0 expiring

Our Auth0 subscription is running out- it was a 1 year startups offer. It will not be renewed. We have the option to continue at 50% pricing, but that is still a cost I can’t justify at this time with Jessica as the only user.

Welcoming Rui Campos as the New Vice President of Digital Defiance

Dear Digital Defiance Community, It is with great excitement that we announce Rui Campos as the newest member of our leadership team, stepping into the role of Vice President. Rui brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization, and we are thrilled to welcome him aboard. Rui’s dedication to innovation and his commitment …