Microsoft Give

Attention Microsoft Developers and Employees! 📣 Exciting News! Microsoft’s annual Give Event is just around the corner in October. Learn More ( | 🌐 Digital Defiance, an Open Source Engineering Guild, is proudly registered on the MS Giving Portal via We’re on the brink of launching several research projects and need your support …

Leveraging Partnerships to Drive Open Source Excellence at Digital Defiance

In the realm of open source development, collaboration is the key to innovation. At Digital Defiance, we are fortunate to have the support of numerous partners and donors who share our vision of creating open source solutions that benefit the public. Their contributions play a pivotal role in our journey, and in this blog post, …

501c3 Requires Further Filings

My 501c ‘EZ’ application through LegalZoom apparently needs another submission of some kind. Fortunately I have yet to accept or receive a donation for it, nor would I have until I got the confirmation I expected. I’ll have to update my bio until I know for sure. Not so EZ.

501c3 Status

Although Digital Defiance incorporated some two months ago, I had been under the impression that the LegalZoom plan I bought included the actual 501(c)(3) filing, but it did not. I filed that today at the cost of an additional $275 dollars.They now have 40 days to complete the process.

The rumors of BrightChain’s Death may have been premature

I’ve been trying to get into pony for a few days, it is just not well supported enough in IDEs for editing a modern, integrated manner, and doing so without a lot of headache. If we want a sustainable ecosystem, it has to be sane in terms language support- but Pony is just too young/esoteric/niche- …