A Call for Leadership: Seeking a New CEO for Our Open Source Engineering Guild

In times of transition, communities like ours—built on the foundations of open source and collaborative engineering—face both challenges and opportunities. Today, Digital Defiance is at such a crossroads. As we navigate through these changes, our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the open source ethos remains unwavering.

I am reaching out to our community during a personal battle with metastatic cancer. This situation has brought to light the immediate need for leadership within our guild. The CEO role, a pivotal position for our continued success and growth, is open and requires a passionate individual to step forward.

We are in search of an Open Source advocate who has the vision, time, and energy to take on the responsibilities necessary for the guild’s operation and future development. This is a unique opportunity to lead a community dedicated to making a significant impact in the open source world. The guild’s operations are streamlined and efficient, with current costs under $1,000 per year.

The new CEO will be stepping into a role that is crucial for not only maintaining the guild’s current initiatives but also for steering us towards new horizons. While the guild does not have an established revenue or donation stream at this time, the position offers the potential to innovate our approach to sustainability and growth.

This call for leadership is not just about filling a position; it’s an invitation to be at the forefront of shaping the future of open source engineering. We’re looking for someone who is ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with this role, someone who can lead with vision and integrity, and who believes in the power of community.

I invite those who are passionate about open source, who understand the value of collaborative development, and who are ready to lead a vibrant community to consider this role. Your leadership can guide the guild through this transitional period and beyond, ensuring our continued impact and success.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further, please reach out. Together, we can ensure that Digital Defiance becomes a dynamic and influential force in the open source community.

– Jessica Mulein
Guild President


  • Jessica Mulein

    Jessica Mulein's dedication to technology began at the tender age of 12, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. In 1995, she co-founded Silicon Connections, an Internet Service Provider that remains active under the leadership of her co-founder. Jessica's career path led her to Microsoft, marking a notable chapter in her professional journey. Parallel to this, her unwavering commitment to Open Source inspired the establishment of Digital Defiance in 2022, which was incorporated in 2023. Even in its early stages, Digital Defiance is actively exploring promising opportunities, such as corporate matching and giving programs. Today, alongside her role at Microsoft, Jessica provides strategic direction as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Digital Defiance.

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