I had a wonderful intro call with HubSpot the other day. HubSpot is a company that I’ve worked with before as a software engineer at a previous employer of mine. HubSpot is a very neat and expensive tool, but fortunately they have pretty generous starter plans which hopefully will fill in the gaps as we grow.

On the subject of growth, we need your help. Just keeping the lights on in the organization is a big expense- there’s QuickBooks and many other subscriptions that are ongoing, whether we type a line of code or help anyone at all.

It is time to hold our first ever meeting of the board of directors and also hold the first company-wide meeting and do some voting on things.

Please take the time to look at the following things:

Let me know if you have any revisions or suggestions. These items are becoming the foundational blocks of this organization. We are “bolting the wings on as we fly”, as Abigail from HubSpot so aptly put it.

Let’s plan on a meeting before the end of this month (April, 2023) via Zoom for ~30-50 minutes to review these items and say we’ve formally held a Q1 review.


  • Jessica Mulein

    Jessica Mulein's dedication to technology began at the tender age of 12, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. In 1995, she co-founded Silicon Connections, an Internet Service Provider that remains active under the leadership of her co-founder. Jessica's career path led her to Microsoft, marking a notable chapter in her professional journey. Parallel to this, her unwavering commitment to Open Source inspired the establishment of Digital Defiance in 2022, which was incorporated in 2023. Even in its early stages, Digital Defiance is actively exploring promising opportunities, such as corporate matching and giving programs. Today, alongside her role at Microsoft, Jessica provides strategic direction as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Digital Defiance.

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