A Revolutionary Approach to Open Source Collaboration and Innovation

Digital Defiance is a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering cutting-edge software development while challenging conventional industry norms. By embracing modern workflow methodologies such as Agile, our community of experienced professionals endeavors to mirror the practical, real-world processes that drive technological advancement.

Yet, Digital Defiance seeks to distinguish itself from traditional capitalistic enterprises by fostering an inclusive, community-driven ethos. Our leadership and membership reflect the rich diversity of backgrounds and perspectives vital for innovation. Jessica Mulein, our President and Treasurer, is a female, Ashkenazi Jewish, and LGBT individual, while our “First Lady,” Hannah Mulein, is of similar background and plays an essential role in managing the financial aspects of our organization.

Our members, primarily full-time professional software engineers, dedicate their free time to contributing to open-source projects. These collaborations serve as a platform for exploring emerging technologies and testing groundbreaking concepts. As our collective grows in strength and unity, we plan to support deserving open-source initiatives with bug bounties and feature requests.

Digital Defiance is committed to harnessing the power of federal grants to fund our research and empower our developers to work for the public good. This approach offers stimulating challenges to our contributing members while allowing them to make a meaningful impact.

When you collaborate with a Digital Defiance team member, denoted by the DDM or DDGM title, rest assured that you are backed by the collective expertise and support of the entire Digital Defiance Guild. We stand together, united in our pursuit of open-source excellence and committed to the transformative power of shared knowledge.


  • Jessica Mulein

    Jessica Mulein's dedication to technology began at the tender age of 12, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. In 1995, she co-founded Silicon Connections, an Internet Service Provider that remains active under the leadership of her co-founder. Jessica's career path led her to Microsoft, marking a notable chapter in her professional journey. Parallel to this, her unwavering commitment to Open Source inspired the establishment of Digital Defiance in 2022, which was incorporated in 2023. Even in its early stages, Digital Defiance is actively exploring promising opportunities, such as corporate matching and giving programs. Today, alongside her role at Microsoft, Jessica provides strategic direction as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Digital Defiance.

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